Marylanders will pay lower rates to buy health insurance on the individual market next year after a month-long effort to avoid sharp rates increases.

Published on: 11/6/18, 9:45 PM

An employee of Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro's office says Navarro and other staffers have harassed and discriminated against her based on race.(Photo: Suchat Pederson, The News Journal)Buy Photo

Published on: 11/6/18, 9:37 PM

(Reuters) - American International Group Inc (AIG.N) said on Friday the insurer will acquire Glatfelter Insurance Group, a York, Pennsylvania-based insurance broker.

Published on: 11/6/18, 9:31 PM

Corrosion of high carbon steel strand can be a serious problem in long term civil engineering applications. In mining, however, the incidences of cablebolt corrosion causing serious problems are rare. This is due primarily to the short time frame involved in open stope support in underground mining.

Published on: 11/4/18, 7:35 AM

It is perhaps remarkable to find that, although rock and cable bolts have been used in underground mining and construction for several decades (if not more than 100 years in the case of rock bolts), bolt elements and bolting systems continue to evolve and improve. 

Published on: 11/4/18, 3:26 AM

The most commonly used mesh is probably welded mesh made of approximately 5 mm thick steel wire and having 100 mm square openings. The steel wire may be galvanised or not. 

Published on: 11/4/18, 3:16 AM