What is safelinkblogger.com?

What is Safelinkblogger.com, how does Safelinkblogger.com work?

How to Register Safelinkblogger.com?

Many friends who don't know how to do it yet! For this reason, on this occasion I share a tutorial on joining and success with safelinkblogger.com!

How do I install the Full Page script / automatic shortener on a blog?

The function of the full page script is to automatically generate all links on your web / blog post pages. If you have a blog, this script makes it easy for you to create automatic links without having to link one at a time.



Safelink Blogger is a url shortening service where you can earn money if someone creates a short link that you create.

Safelink Blogger is a URL shortener that rewards publishers from links that are prepared with an offer of 50% of ad revenue.

A Publisher will earn money through Safelinkblogger.com by sending a shortened link on their website / blog / Facebook / Twitter etc. Every time a compilation of visitors clicks on the Safelink Blogger link they will first see an ad on the shortlink page for 5 seconds before being able to click the Ignore Ad button and continue to meet their destination. We Share This Income with the Publisher link.

No. It is important for users to click on your link for the sole purpose of going to the destination website and not because they are asked or forced to do so.
Yes, we can do that as long as you send us a complete abuse notification to Contact Us . We will then block it.

We will send payment once your balance is sufficient to withdraw the minimum through the methods available below. Payment is sent manually 1x24 Hours or no later than 7 days in business hours

  • PayPal - minimum withdraw of $5.00 USD
  • Pulsa - minimum withdraw of $0.86 USD
  • Gojek - minimum withdraw of $1.93 USD
  • OVO - minimum withdraw of $1.93 USD
  • Dana - minimum withdraw of $1.93 USD
  • LinkAja - minimum withdraw of $2.00 USD
  • Bank Transfer - minimum withdraw of $5.00 USD
Withdrawing Payment / Withdraw is the process of sending your balance to your withdrawal account. After getting enough clicks that are minimum for payment, open the page setting -> withdraw (Enter account withdrawal method available).


After that visit the withdraw page Press the Withdraw Button. Make sure you withdraw during service hours and wait for the review process whether your payment was received / declined.

  • Why wait for review?
  • Why isn't the withdrawal sent right away?

The answer

Shortlink web working system to review Visitor URL Link after member withdraw. This is done to find out whether the total clicks and links you adhere to Terms of use.


The review process takes time and this is the reason why withdrawing can be faster / slower.

Status withdraw yang tersedia:

  • Pending = Withdrawals are being reviewed
  • Approved = Withdrawal has been approved and is waiting to be sent
  • Complete = Withdrawal successfully sent
  • Cancelled = Withdrawals are refused or do not comply with service policies
  • Returned = Withdrawals are returned to your account